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Don't take chances - Let us set up your new PC...

We go the extra mile when we set up your new PC. Our service includes the following...:

Configure Windows : We'll set up your user account (and Microsoft Account - if required) then let Windows complete its first-time set-up routine.

Install Windows Updates: We then ensure your PC is up to date. This may include allowing Windows to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10, plus any interim updates.

Remove junk (bundled) software: Most PCs are supplied with lots of bundled software including anti-virus solutions; all this software is usually unnecessary and may lead to problems. At the very least they are distracting, clog up your desktop and will likely require ongoing subscriptions to use the software.

Data Transfer from your old PC: We'll transfer your Documents, Pictures, Videos, Desktop Files, Email Accounts, Internet Favorites to your new PC.

Your Windows 10 License Key: Your Windows 10 Product Key may not be attached to your new PC. We will identify and document your license key so that you can re-install Windows at any time in the future.

Important! What we won't be able to do as part of this offer: We operate a Fair Usage Policy. The above activity is generally confined to 1 hour of aggregated labour, so we may not be able to accommodate transfers of more than one user account in this time. We cap the amount of data we can transfer to 50GB so please do not expect us to transfer your entire music and video collection as part of this activity (you are backing this up in any case - aren't you?) We will not be able to set up your networked or wireless printer without making a site visit. Likewise we cannot map network drives, shared files or links to Homegroups etc without a site visit. Site visits will incur extra charges at our standard hourly rate or £40.00 per hour Plus VAT (or part thereof).

Our Health-Check Includes...

Virus & Spyware Scan: Depending on the status of your PC we will perform an on or off-line scan of your hard drive for bugs

Windows Updates: We will check and install any necessary Windows Updates

Driver Updates: Check for any driver updates that are required

Disk Cleanup: Remove unnecessary files form your PC, including Temporary Internet Files, Downloaded Program Files, Windows Error Reports etc.

Junk Software Removal: Most manufacturers supply PCs with bundled (junk) software. This may slow down your PC and can also become a nuisance.

Your Upgrade Path: Finally we'll provide advice regarding your PC's upgrade potential; memory, disk and processor options to improve performance.

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