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Networking your premises with HomePlugs...

Homeplugs are a great way to get your wired and wireless Internet working around your home or business, especially those difficult to reach corners. Homeplugs work by taking data (from a source such as your ADSL Router or a network Hub) and convert this into a signal that is carried around the mains electricity in your premises.

You need a minimum of two Homeplugs to make the technology work. One plug takes data from your Router and when plugged into a wall socket injects the signal into your ring main. You then use another Homeplug to ‘extract’ the data carried along the mains signal.

The second (or third or forth etc…) Homeplug can be either wired directly into your Computer (great if you use a desktop PC) or can be a wireless plug that extends the Broadband / network to an area in your premises that cannot be reached by say – your router.

You can read our white-paper on HomePlugs here.

Networks: Why not let us design your network installation from the ground up. We can accommodate most home or small business installations, including cabling, cable trunking, network switches and network/server cabinets.

Broadband: We can assist with your Broadband installation, including reaching troublesome WiFi areas, installing additional network sockets (or homeplugs) and WiFi HotSpots. We also troubleshoot existing Broadband installations.

Internet (IP) Cameras: Whether you want to monitor your home or business - or perhaps you want a baby monitoring solution, we can supply and install a system that will meet your requirements.

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